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What is Coaching?

Coaching provides Insight and Tools -- (scroll to learn all about us, workshops and more)

"Coaching does not teach or advise, but instead offers conversations that will allow you to enlarge yourself as an 'Observer' so you can take responsibility for your own happiness."   

                              Julio Olalla, Founder of Newfield Network, Inc.                                                

Life and Relationship Coaching is offered in Raleigh and Cary. Take advantage of our Mini Workshops or book a private coaching session.

UNDERSTAND what is missing for you 

                            and HOW to CREATE a better RESULT! 

DISCERN: Your Beliefs, what is true and the MOOD you live in?

CLARIFY Feelings, Emotions, Desires, and Values.

LEARN how to communicate in order to get a better result.

Coaching helps one understand WHY positive thinking alone is insufficient to cause the change he/she desires.


MEN and  WOMEN  learn HOW to Co-create with Self Love, and a HEALTHY PARTNERSHIP that grows.


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Coaching is FOOD for your heart and Soul.

Learn to affirm yourself and receive in return the gift of being seen and heard with all your natural concerns, fears, challenges, and strengths.

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Special:   Three 50 min. Private Coaching Conversations @ 15% discount.

Detox Your Life - Mini Workshop.

Meet Your Coach

Welcome to Life and Relationship Coaching

I am a Board Certified Coach with cce-global, BS in Mass Communications, Certified Ontological Coach with Newfield Network, Inc., CPPM, Certified Intuitive Healer, CIH with Stillpoint Foundation, completed the PAX core curriculum with Alison Armstrong,, completed "Calling in the One, Conscious Uncoupling, and Feminine Mastery," with

Founding Member with IMPACT International Advisors, Coaches & Trainers. 

"Ontological Coaching, is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organizations. It is based on a new deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioral and cultural transformation."  Julio Olalla, Founder Newfield Network, Inc.

Coaching helps one:

  • BUILD SELF AWARENESS: what and how your beliefs, assumptions, moods, feelings, and emotions play a role in what you experience.
  • LEARN how to listen to understand, communicate clearly, clarity misunderstandings
  • LEARN how to ASK for what you need, form new agreements, and how to apologize.
  • GAIN insight and tools for how men and women think & relate.
  • Learn how to DEFUSE conflict and UPLIFT each other.
  • Increase  INTIMACY with your partner.

ALL phases of relationship are supported by coaching whether you are single, married, separated, or divorced.

Live well, Love well, and let go of what is no longer serving you.

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I look forward to working with you.


DETOX  YOUR LIFE - Hit the Re-fresh  Button

There will be surprise short guest presentations interwoven with the agenda below.


  • Live the Life you Desire
  • Create a vision and plan.
  • Transform Negative, Static Energy.


  • Detox diet with simple added rituals.
  • Refresh externally and internally.


  • Decide what is important for you.
  • Define top 5 things you value and why.
  • Fill your own need bucket.


  • Create a home that flows with energy and is uniquely you.



  “Thank you Linda, you demonstrated a vast knowledge of relationships. I learned about the masculine and feminine parts of myself, and that showed up in a male/female relationship dynamic. I took away some relationship altering questions, and how to be available to my partner in NEW WAYS. I learned a new perspective on supporting myself and my partner.”
Jeremiah Prevatte/Mankind Project, Md.                             

“Thank you Linda for sharing your insights into how a woman thinks and acts. You have released some of the mystery and fog surrounding the feminine mystique that will help me build better relationships in the future. I appreciated learning what happens when a woman is criticized, and how a woman looks to the outside world. My two biggest “take aways” were 1) the relationship altering conversations I can have – how to listen to a woman. How to ask for what I need- something I’ve had problems with in the past; and 2) your perspectives on what makes a relationship gel – recognizing the models of relationships, and what a woman wants and expects in a relationship. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to gain new awareness of myself and my relationships – I feel I can now apply the lessons I’ve learned to be more conscious, allowing me to improve – not only the quality and meaning of my relationships but the quality of my own life. I feel I could learn so much more – your openness and honestly were thrilling. Again, Thank you.”
Greg Doubek/Mankind Project, Md.

                                                                                                     "You are such a blessing to us Linda – you are a sacred and Holy vessel for all that is needed right here, right now in this moment where God sustains you. The appreciation you offer others is the same appreciation coming back at you. I am so grateful for your life, your intellect, your soul work and there is an unlimited source to continue filling and restoring all that you need as you give to others expecting nothing in return. Linda has helped me tremendously with her erudite and precise coaching skills, when she recently helped me through a relationship quagmire. I wanted results in the here and now. Instead of slipping into my old unconscious habits, she skillfully challenged me to take a deep and refreshing look into my belief system and relationship tactics. The result of her coaching was a positive shift in myself through highly engaging feedback/ conversation, home study, and exercises that worked for my unique situation. The result – I married my soul mate, finished a college degree, and took on a career change that tripled my income and which created security I had never had before. The most important lesson for me was to be Authentic and trust myself to let Spirit work through and guide the process.” Thank you, Linda
                                               Patricia Truitt, Certified Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Artist


 "Linda, Your coaching has helped me learn how to use my voice. You always tell it like it is, when you say something good, it means more because I know it is true, and when you point out what I am not "seeing," what is difficult for me to hear, you are always considerate of my feelings, and I know it is because you really care. You are truthful, honest and have helped me grow and transform my "limiting beliefs. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Susan B./ Colleague 


Anatomy of the Spirit 

by:  Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

Calling in the One


Conscious Uncoupling

by:  Katherine Woodward Thomas

Love Sense

The revolutionary new science of Romantic Relationships

by:  Dr. Sue Johnson

The Five Love Languages

by:  Gary Chapman

The Four Agreements

by:  Don Miguel Ruiz

The Seat of the Soul

by:  Gary Zukav

Wired for Love

by:  Stan Tatkin, PsyD

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